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And even now that’s the case, it’s just constant negativity. Q: Do you think women feel they constantly need to apologise for the way they look? I LOVE and constantly flaunt my 80 kilo size 16 bod. A: Advertising and media industries sell dissatisfaction.

Tight dresses, short skirts and tits out on a daily basis. I run, cycle, swim, strip off and shag whenever I have the opportunity. Where does all this body image ‘bullshit’ come from? Never ever, ever, ever, ever comment on a little girl’s looks. Tell her that she is resilient, that she has a good brain, that she has a strong sense of social justice, she’s strong, brave, a good tryer, has great business skills, fantastic critical thinking but NEVER comment on her looks. They need to say ‘you are not good enough’ in order to make you buy stuff.

Basically saying I didn’t have the right to feel as confident with my body as I am.

There have been people who have been very vocal about my body confidence.


Yesterday we received an email from Catherine Deveny. Any suggestion otherwise is people manipulating the world to make women feel NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I think she’s a gutsy girl and I liked the look of her.

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Same, same, same, same, same with the exception of Clare Bowditch. I was in a supermarket once and I saw this skinny, withered old woman, maybe 75, flicking through at a magazine called Slimmers or something and I wanted to tap her on the shoulder and say “When are you going to stop worrying? It’s about health and confidence and enjoyment of life! I went into Babka’s the other day and a woman I sort of knew came up and said hello. The both admitted they were checking out my ‘awesome curves’ and then realised it was me. You are never going to know the happiest we are to your eye. I see people look back on photos of themselves and say “Look how skinny I was and to think I thought I was fat.”Guess what people, that might be today. We liked her so much because she was NOT like them but had the confidence to be herself not to subscribe to some unattainable, cookie cutter image dreamed up by people who want women to hate themselves and each other.

You are good enough.”If women look at any of the stats or any of the scientific research about sexual attraction, men will always find the slightly overweight woman more attractive than the slightly underweight woman. Even today I have ridden 20km, ran 6km and had a shag before I got up and I’m looking forward to having a Mars Bar mud cake for dessert tonight. Women today never heard anything positive said by other women about their bodies when they were growing up. It doesn’t matter what people think about how you look. Q: But have you felt just as happy when you were thinner? You are never going to know the best we are to your eye. How you look today you may look back on and wish you hadn’t spent all that time worrying because another you, an older, fatter, skinnier, more secure you may think the way you look today is perfect. What’s up with the fetishism around women’s bodies?

There are millions of different shapes and sizes and they are all beautiful. The photo of Catherine was taken by photographer Carla Gottgens and she is wearing Esther Williams bathers, which you can find here.

Women who are trying to live up to the warped media construction of ‘perfect’ cooked up solely to breed and fertilize dissatisfaction in order to sell stuff are hungry, cranky and worried all the time. Her novel The Happiness Show will be published in 2012 by Black Inc Books.

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