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We appreciate her support for public higher education.”“I am grateful that here in Maine we have a network of local schools, community organizations, and universities that work together to help students like me develop confidence and a career path,” said Sabrina Freeman, a first-year social work major and at the University of Southern Maine from Hallowell, Maine.She began her college career while still a student at Hall-Dale High School taking early college classes through the University of Maine at Augusta.Together with his sister’s family, they came to Aroostook to start a new Amish settlement, leaving behind a community of some two hundred Amish families near Potsdam, New York.In Ontario, where Noah was born, there were more than 60 Amish families, and there were hundreds in the Ohio community where he grew up.“The campus commitment is shared by university and state leaders who have kept tuition under control and are making financial investments to lower the cost of attendance and reduce student debt.”“I am a Dean’s list student on a debt-free path to a college degree and a Maine teaching career,” said Claire Hemphill, an education major at the University of Maine at Presque Isle from Fort Fairfield, Maine.

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“Affordability and access for Maine students have been top priorities for Chancellor Page, the campus presidents and the Board of Trustees over the last seven years,” said Trevor Hustus, of Hollis, Maine, “As the Student Trustee on the Board, I am pleased that the university budget will add another .6 million to grants and scholarships.A much better comparison is a finely tuned watch, one that derives its value from the precision performance of all of its parts.Noah arrived in Fort Fairfield in August of 2007 with his wife, Lovina, and their eleven children in tow. He’s a craftsman at heart, and the clapboard workshop on his 100-acre dairy farm in Fort Fairfield is cluttered with the tools and tokens of his various artisan pursuits: a foot-powered lathe and a manual cleaning machine, a half-dozen wall-mounted cuckoo clocks, rolls of barn blueprints, handsome wooden rockers lined up like theater seats, multiple shelves of hand-dipped wax candles.He especially likes tinkering during the long Aroostook County winters, when the warmth of the woodstove melts the frost from his beard and the fine details of carpentry and clockwork feel like a reprieve, a meditative break from the brute repetition of shoveling silage in a snowbound barn.

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