Andre 3000 dating erykah badu

Talking about her personal life, in 1995, she wound up noticeably required with rapper André 3000 of Out Kast, with whom she had her first kid, a child named Seven Sirius Benjamin, who was conceived on November 18, 1997. Their relationship propelled André 3000 to compose the tune “Ms. In 2000, she was in a sentimental association with individual Soulquarian Common; their relationship finished in 2002. On February 1, 2009, she brought forth her third youngster, a young lady named Mars Merkaba Thedford, with her sweetheart of five years, rapper Jay Electronica.On July 5, 2004, shebrought forth a girl, Puma Sabti Curry; Puma’s dad is West Coast rapper The D. At the current time, she started dating Carl Jones on 2013.In May 2013, Erykah Badu declared she is composing for her next venture, yet she is not putting a period imperative on it.In July 2014, Badu uncovered she was all the while chipping away at the collection and had been recording in April in Africa where she was “setting down drum tracks”.This collection additionally contains a few hit singles.She has been assigned in loads of prestigious honors and she has additionally won some of them.Raised in an artistic household herself, Erykah made sure that her kids - who were all home delivered - would also grow up in a similar environment by homeschooling them.

More than anything, she wants her daughters to be master the art of communication through languages other than English.would prove to instrumental as it gave birth to the myth, that is Erykah Badu. Jackson, a plethora of rappers and singers have referenced the Texas native in one form or the other on their records; most notably by a certain someone named Drake in the loosie.Unlike Andre - who's the first of the Neo-Soul singer's three baby fathers - Drake didn't even have any romantic ties with Erykah.On April 2, 2010, she was accused of jumbled lead for seeming bare in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas while taping the social-political, execution craftsmanship, self-coordinated music video for “Seat by the window”.No witnesses called police at the season of the occurrence, however the Dallas Police Department effectively looked for observers after the arrival of the video. In April 2014, she experienced harsh criticism by the US-based Human Rights Foundation, for performing at the birthday festivity of Swaziland’s ruler and ruler, King Mswati III.

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