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She frequently posts pictures and let her fans know about her personal and professional life. The movie made tremendous earning of 8.9 million.

We are sure that Zoe Kravitz must have charged a considerable amount of money for her part in every movie. She started her music career at the young age of 16 with a band named Lola Wolf.

But it’s awkward news for Alexa Chung, who introduced Harry and Camille, because she dated Alex for two years until last summer.

“She was just friends with him at first but after things ended with Harry, they started to grow closer.

Camille, has previously dated MGMT frontman Andrew Van Wyngarden and actor Robert Pattinson, while Alexander has been linked to actresses Amanda Seyfried and Kate Bosworth.

Here’s hoping for a proper Hollywood ending this time.

In 2013 Zoe was in a relationship with famous singer Drake.

Conor said: “It has been ages since I’ve been able to release my own stuff because I’m locked in a huge legal battle with my label.

I’m trying to get a restructured deal.” His most recent single, Are You Sure?

“Nobody wants him to be prevented from releasing new music so it’s in everybody’s best interest to get things going again.” Conor, from Brighton, has recently moved to LA, where he has been hanging out with reformed pop brat Justin Bieber in the hope of working together.

A new deal and a collab with the Biebs could be the thing to get him back on top.

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