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The chemistry between Andy and Solbi was recently brought to light when Solbi recently confessed her feelings for Andy in front of the camera during episode 15.

The teary-eyed singer said she was deeply confused over which part of the show was fake and which part was real. Age: 23 Blood type: A Studying Hotel and Tourism Administration in Food & Beverages.

Viewers were first drawn to the cheesy show because of the distinctive characters and relatable nature of each couple to their own personal lives.

For example: The Cute couple, Andy and Solbi, who do all the cutesy activities most newly weds typically do The Ant Couple, Crown J and Suh In Young, who bicker a lot but still make up in the end The Ssang Chu (Lettuce) Couple, Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong, the awkward couple with the age gap The Romantic Couple, Alex and Shinae, the couple with the relationship every girl dreams of having But now with the loss of two of its main couples plus the impending departure of the Ssang Chu couple due to Hyun Joong‘s involvement in the drama “Boys over Flowers“, will this show really be worth watching anymore?

But now, the set has changed into a serious panel discussion with a single long table seating everyone. Yet, even with all this, is it possible for the show to survive or will it share the fate of many other popular shows like Xman and Loveletter?

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She stated that during the filming days, she feels as though Hyun Joong is her man and that she is his wife, but this has no relation to reality.The show features six on-screen celebrity couples including Andy, a former member of Shinhwa and Solbi, a member of Typhoon. The couples soon discovered, to their surprise, that they were starting to feel real emotions for their on-screen spouses as they spent more and more time together under one roof as a married couple. Andy-Solbi "We Got Married" Earliest couple to give each other rings.Both preparing rings "Can't help but cry out: amazing coincidence"On the 20th of July's broadcast of "we got married" Andy and Solbi both prepared couple rings for each other. But, coincidentally, Andy and Solbi shared the same thought (meaning telepathy), both preparing couple ring with the thought of how to present it to each other.

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