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You can hear it on the record: Their sonic personalities have never been in such stark contrast.

Brownstein’s songs are among the poppiest, most buoyant-sounding she’s written for Sleater-Kinney, even though that lightness is often undercut with strikingly brooding lyrics: “Maybe I’m not sure / I wanna go on at all,” she sings on the catchy, piano-driven “Can I Go On.” Tucker’s lyrics are also bleak, but her songs have a churning, industrial heaviness about them.

“I feel like, despite our disparate paths, Sleater-Kinney is a common vernacular for the both of us,” Brownstein tells me.First Direction The dynamic musician made her directorial debut with the horror movie XX (2017). Vincent informed in an interview that she ran and lifted weights. Her work keeps her busy and she has to often stay in hotels where she uses the gym.While in New York City, she likes to ride a bike to stay fit but does not consider it as a serious exercise.She also studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts but dropped out after 3 years.Her professor of Guitar at Berklee was Lauren Passarelli.

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