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“Those three initials behind our names cost us tens of thousands of dollars.” Zobel met with Westerville City Council last week, and she remains hopeful members are working to accommodate her business as they work on more regulations.She says a representative from the American Massage Therapy Association whom she spoke with on the phone suggested a potential tiered massage license system in the city.“The community was concerned that some of these advertisements were being located on websites that were associated with illegal activity.” On Postix, a website for classifieds, a February 4 ad associated with Crystal Asian Massage’s former address states: "We Have New Professional, beautiful oriental Technician with amazing Asian Service.” In a February 2 press conference, Lieutenant Charles Chandler would not specify what complaints led to the investigation, nor would he state the reason for the search warrant for Crystal Asian Massage.“We wanted to make sure that the workers here were being treated with dignity and respect,” Chandler said.April Zobel owns In the Bag Massage in Westerville, a small medical massage therapy clinic in a nondescript office park.A few chairs and a flat-screen television greet visitors who enter the lobby.

“Crystal Asian Massage and other businesses alleged to not be operating within the boundaries of all applicable laws and regulations are and have been on our radar," said Chandler in a press release.

Licensed therapists make up a majority of the industry, at least in Westerville.

City officials say there are more than 20 “totally legitimate establishments,” and just three that are raising questions.

“For me, it’s actually a great tool for my business, and I’ve been doing this for years. “These are people who are either students, they’re still in school, or for whatever reason they’ve graduated from massage therapy school but have not yet got their license.” Months Of Investigations Authorities began their investigation last May, after officers received anonymous tips about suspicious activity inside Crystal Asian Massage.

On February 2, police raided the spa and detained two women thought to work there.

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