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This ranks as just about the worst first date you can go on.Why This Doesn’t Work: You’re forced to interact too much.

A date where the two of you can’t get to know each other isn’t much of a date.Family Stuff Takes It Way Too Seriously It might sound strange, but I hear about guys doing this. You’d probably wonder why there wasn’t someone else available.Mom prepares dinner or you swing by at a big family gathering or tote your first date along to some kind of family function. Think about it: How would you feel if a girl asked you to get together some time and told you that you’d be meeting her father. What To Do Instead: As a general rule, it’s good to just have it be you and her on a first date.But if you’re both really into food a great alternative to the dinner date is to go somewhere way more casual — like a hole-in-the-wall stand-up place — or to cook food together.It allows the two of you to communicate, but also offers a task to concentrate on.

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