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I love the characters, each one with a likeable personality. My Thoughts This is the second book in The Best Girl’s Book. (Sorry for the pun, but the book inspires wit.)I enjoyed the clean, pure love that radiated from the pages.I love the characters, each one with a likeable personality. Funny and feisty came to mind as I turned the pages.Emily was easily to like with her witty, independent yet vulnerable personality.3.Spences was so awesome and I loved how he wouldn't give up on Emily.

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There was so much improvement from book 1 in writing syle, story and the characters and I enjoyed seeing all the characters again. I think I liked Steven more in this book with him being so overprotected and sweet.2.Anne Best is now married to Steven Gherring and her daughter Emily is interning in their company as an accountant.Things are looking up for Anne, but Emily isn't sharing the fun.I’m hooked and look forward to the next read in the romantic comedy series. I'm hooked and now will have to read the whole "Best Girl" series!This is a sweet love story with strong family values. I especially enjoyed the banter between Spencer and Josh and have hopes it will continue in the rest of the series.

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