Best friend to dating

I also can't help but wonder if maybe this has been going on for a while, perhaps even before the split? Although as factually as possible: they were seen out together, definitely a romantic date rather than colleagues having a drink.

That would potentially damage the amicable nature of the separation. I’d leave out any speculation about how ‘loved up’ they were and let her ask him about it.

Fast forward to this week, a colleague mentions that my friend's DH has been seen out on a date with a woman who reports directly to me.

Apparently they looked very loved up and affectionate.

They're not hiding the fact their seeing each other. It really doesn't matter if the woman he's dating is younger/older or attractive or not.

At this point you don't know whether this is true, or gossip with no real foundation. Since it's your best friend then i think you should tell her. The woman is free to date him, as he is seperated and free to date. Are you suggesting she shouldn't date him because she knows his wife?

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

Your friend will find out and maybe ask you if you knew, but you can say you didn’t want to get involved as you didn’t know the facts and it’s none of your business what her ex does. Begging for some advice on how to get our house to sell... To feel absolutely distraught about returning to work after mat leave? To not know what to make of my DH saying this every morning...

The gossip will get out there in the office soon and people will start talking about it, if they haven't already.My best friend also works in the same company and in a senior position.Our DC go to the same school and are good friends, we are part of the same social group (which include our respective DHs) so we see each other often.Please don’t add that they looked ‘loved up’ and certainly don’t suggest that maybe it’s been going on since before they split. If it there is potential to cause difficulty at work.All she needs to know now are the facts to save her hearing them elsewhere, anything else is between her and her ex. As I said I work with my best friends she is now my sil (i am with her brother) we have strict 'work is work' policy. Since your husband works there, knows the company and the husband and wife involved as he given an opinion? She's your best friend, when she finds out from someone else she'll wonder why you didn't tell her.

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