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On January 11, 2006, Jolie confirmed to People that she was pregnant with Pitt's child, a public confirmation of their relationship.

They have said they will get married when it's legal for everyone to marry.

Canet publically stated, "The fury of the tabloids, the venal stupidity of some people calling themselves journalists, the internet trolls who feel braver behind a keyboard, drive me to speak of the pride, love, respect and admiration I have for Marion staying strong and intelligent in the face all these stupid and unfounded accusations." Cotillard also denied any romance with the actor and wished via her Instagram that the Jolie-Pitts will "find peace in this very tumultuous moment." Although in 2004, when Pitt first began his affair with Jolie, this was strongly denied too - so maybe (just like before) the media have been right all along.

Selena Gomez is another name swept up into the whirlwind that is the Jolie-Pitt divorce.

Also considering his next bae will be filling the shoes of Angelina Jolie, who is considered to be one of the most beautiful and talented women in the world, the quest to win his heart is not for the shy and retiring.

So here we have put together a list of the potential ladies Pitt could have lined up next and we're all too excited to find out which one he will choose.

#fightclub #tylerdurden #90slovestory", "title": "", "comment_count": 0, "board": , "type": "pin", "image_signature": "86f4d8200f108b08390459c39c4f3468", "attribution": null, "description": "First rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club ....It all started at this year's Golden Globe awards when the singer announced to Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet, "I’m not going to lie. I’m trying to find Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt right now!" Later in the evening, she posted a snap on Instagram of the pair looking comfortably close with the caption: "Just discussing , "Angie blew a gasket when she saw Selena’s Instagram, and heard through friends about how Brad and Selena flirted so shamelessly. I wish that all your roads would lead you right to me. Until Brad Pitt comes along." After Swift's two high profile splits this year from DJ Calvin Harris and actor Tom Hiddleston - perhaps Brad Pitt is an ideal shoulder to cry on?An insider told , "She comes across as if she has a breezy, down-home personality, but she isn't.Everything she does is calculated, and that carries over into her relationships too." Could Pitt-Swift be a new thing? They also tend to stick together around award season, always photographed either on the red carpet side-by-side or chuckling away during the ceremony.

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