Capital fm dating

Berry presented The Capital Breakfast Show alongside George Shelley and Lilah Parsons.

It was announced in February 2017 that he would be joining Absolute Radio from 2 October 2017 to host a new weekday show.

From the looks of it, Roman could have possibly found the perfect partner in crime in his new girlfriend.

Capital FM (sometimes called Capital Radio or 91.3 Capital FM) is an English radio channel broadcasting from Kampala Uganda at 91.3MHz and covers the whole of Uganda with some parts of Northern Tanzania, Rwanda, Eastern Congo, and western Kenya.

However, being one of the prominent radio hosts in one of the best radio station, he probably boasts a more prominent figure than that.

As for his net worth, he enjoys a net worth in thousands, without adding his dad’s net worth of million.

The British celeb has been reportedly dating a Swiss neurosurgeon named Anne-Sophie Flury since the start of 2018.

Things between the pair have been progressing very well, with both of them making time for each other.

So, he must have enjoyed his share of a dating life as well.

At age 26, the versatile artist has been making waves through his artistic works.

Not only is he one of the rising stars, but he’s also best friends with many of the most significant artists in the world- Canadian singer Justin Bieber, to name one.

When the camera rolled backstage to Roman, he revealed, Being the son of an 80s darling really can be annoying sometimes, which Kemp found to be true but regardless of such funny and annoying aspects he still loves his father and his mother dearly.

With that said, his ‘many girlfriends’ as he puts, suggests that his dating life is not as bad as it seems though!

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