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It felt like everyone was staring at me, and even though I knew they weren't, I loved it. I realized that I'd written it as much for him as I had for myself. I can't wait any longer." I moaned in Tyrell's ear. We'll be right behind you." Tyrrell said, straining to remain calm as I ground against him.Shameless in my growing hedonism, I strode back to the table and sat back in Tyrell's lap, wiggling my ass against his cock as I did so. "Yeah, yeah okay." Cam stammered, then he got up and hurried off. Cam took pictures of me in all the different dresses we found, and Tyrell picked the one he liked best. "A big, black cock." I whispered, my face flushing. "Saturday night, at that bar downtown we like." he replied. Awesome, I'll need a few drinks first anyway." I laughed. He specifically requested a short red one." He said matter of factly. "Yeah, he said to bring a permanent marker but he didn't say why." He said, cocking an eyebrow at me. Something in the look in Cam's eye told me that we wouldn't need it though. It's a big, black cock." He corrected in that same growling tone. All I could think about was the huge step we were about to take together. Before that conversation, I'd always thought of it as a pillowtalk fantasy, something just to get us both in the mood. Cam actually wanted me to hook up with a black guy, a hung black stud. My husband of four years wanted to watch me get fucked by a huge, black cock. If anything, he seemed to be even more excited than me.I dropped to my knees, pushed my fingers inside myself and moaned loudly. "Cum for me, you little white Slut." I'd never been much for dirty talk, but there was something in Tyrell's voice that made it work.My body shuddered, I all but flooded my pyjama pants, and my mouth let out an involuntary squeal. "See you two tomorrow night." He hung up suddenly and in the post-orgasm clarity, I started to wonder what I was doing. Two weeks ago, we'd looked at minivans for Christ's sake. When we arrived at the bar Saturday night, I was practically trembling.I had just masturbated over the phone for a stranger. I realized in that clarity that everything up to that point in my life had followed a pattern. I grabbed onto Cam's arm, but he was trembling as well.

It was super tight, showed a lot of cleavage and even more leg. It wasn't anything I'd ever have picked out for myself, and I loved it. "You're going to take your husband's phone, and masturbate to those pictures." He demanded. I thought we were both into it." He said, grinning sheepishly. I figured that if I was supposed to call him Daddy, I'd need a special name too. Cam handed me his phone, the pictures already pulled up. Cam and I had bought dildos, but we had been too embarrassed to get any of the really big ones. On the drive home, I asked Cam to ask him what he was going to call me. It was incredible that he wanted the same thing I did, and so brave of him to say it aloud when I couldn't. That's when I really knew without any doubts that we were meant to be together. I tried to imagine what it would be like to have something that massive inside me.Even in the dim bar light, I could see the outline of that huge cock through his jeans. Those beautiful eyes seemed to darken ever so slightly. I giggled like a schoolgirl when I landed in his lap, then I gasped like a virgin when I felt his hardening cock against my thigh. I can get us a hotel if you'd like." I heard Cam say.I bit my lip reflexively, unable to stop staring at it. His grip on my hand tightened and he raised one eyebrow at me. "A hotel could be fun." Tyrell said, slipping his hand up my dress. " "I like hotels." I blurted out as his big fingers found my exposed clit.

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    It was alleged that she and her former co-star–who was actually dating Halle Berry at the time–were more than friends.