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For those of you who have remodeled old houses, I was wondering about cost of adding central air and updating the electric system (anything from replacing the old knob-and-tube wiring if it has it, to going to 200 amps).

The condenser (noise making element) is outside like a central AC unit, and then you install several "air handlers" though out the house.

The air handlers have freon lines going back to the condenser and they have built in quiet fan units that push out the cold air. You also use a smart thermostatjcontroller just like a central air unit.

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Since you will need to have the whole house rewired, you are not only talking about having an electrician out, but also someone to replaster all the holes (and don't think they can do it without making holes in the walls). He started the job in November and will finish next month. Its more than just upgrading the knob and tube, but 2 of the 3 stories were mostly knob and tube.My brother and I installed central heatpump A/C over a 3-day weekend.Day 1, we measured and went to the supply house, (bro is a licensed contractor so we got components at approx. Day 2, we installed air handler, installed refrigerant lines, cut the return air opening and laid out the main supply and return ducts.emergency heat); I just left the existing baseboard heaters on-line. Was completely gutted out and replaced like new construction. 200 amp service, replaced new service input cable, meter, panel, fixtures. Power company supplied complete new cable from power pole to house, new meter / meter box. Many walls, areas the old plaster was totally replaced with new drywall. Nothing included in this price for any of the structure, carpentry, drywall, etc type work.Total price tag, this was in the late 1980's was about 00. Work included new electric stove, dryer installation, new service conduit / cable, hard wired fire alarms / CO monitoring, door bells, telephones. Each room has at least 5 outlets, special considerations in a number of places like bath, counters, computer areas. Due to materials increase that might cost as much as 00 today. In this area it is legal to do all the work yourself. The county requires no permits or has any inspectors. If an A/C central air unit would have been installed probably cost ~0 - 400 extra, I did not install AC as house is super insulated, don't really need it.

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