Datagridview not updating

Only when I restart the application does it get removed from the Grid View. if you are showing your table in dgv and for deleting something from that table you have a button on your win chose let's say ID and click "delete" button for delting an item from db table.================================================== This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. I no longer needs to manually refresh or Reset Bindings the Data Grid View. A Data Grid View sets up bindings the first time you assign the Data Source. Changing code 1 to code 2 fixes the problem -although theoretically there should be no difference.(Theory hits practice like a pumpkin hitting a brick wall).4) If the work thread add new rows to the Data Table, then the new row will not shown on the Data Grid.

Yet, when I select the new rows, the "selection triangle" is not displayed properly on the new rows. I made an attempt to solve the problem by using a delegate to manually perform refresh. When a new file appears, my code reads this file and append new data to my Data Table.Even copy/paste would be overkill.) As this method relates to any control, not to the refresh of the data relating to an object.Refer here (Data Grid View Methods) and scroll down to Refresh and you will see the link points to Control.Please see if there is a newer thread on the subject and ensure you're using the most recent build of any software if your question regards a particular product. 11, 2013 nightly build and we found the following problem: 1) Binding the Data Grid with Data Table.Default View 2) A work thread is updating the Data Table 3) For the existing rows, if any cell value changed, it will update, which is good.

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