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The name refers to their great size as they are as large as several whale species.Despite their size, whale sharks truly are the gentle giants of the ocean.The guests could not decide which shark to focus on as there were so many.This was a thrilling and unforgettable experience, made even more memorable by the guides who obviously cared enough about their impact on the animals to remove themselves from the situation. family=Montserrat:700|Poppins:400,700,800|Raleway:400,700,900|Roboto:400,700,900|Roboto Condensed:400,700,900|Source Sans Pro:400,700,900|PT Serif:400,700|Nunito:400,700|Quicksand:400,700,900);.col--1,.col--10,.col--11,.col--12,.col--2,.col--3,.col--4,.col--5,.col--7,.col--8,.col--9blockquote,q.archive__next Page,.archive__read More Arrow*,.col,.content Main__inner,.form__input,.form__textarea,body#breadcrumbs,.Police in Odessa, Texas, report that five people were killed and 21 were injured in a shooting that began after a traffic stop.

This group carefully selected their tour with "Serious Diving" one of the leaders in whale shark conservation.In so doing, the group actually found that the whale sharks approached them curiously and were much more relaxed due to less crowding.This allowed for some wonderful opportunities to observe and record the sharks.The guests on the boat are wildlife photographers and videographers who are hoping to capture footage of the largest fish in the ocean.These whale sharks are actually fish, and part of the shark family, despite being called whale sharks.

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