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You were just trying to tell the story about Linda from the hairdressers moving in with her sister, and now all of a sudden you’re having an intense discussion about the pros and cons of the Landlord and Tenant Act. It’s odd that the article keeps referring to a ‘boyfriend’.I assume the author thinks we still haven’t really knocked down the sexist walls that cage female legal eagles, and it’s still a ‘male’ profession?Biglaw is still an old boys’ club, and Am Law is just calling it like it sees it. Now that they’ve done all of this research into the up and coming women in Biglaw, maybe Am Law can figure out how to highlight these ladies in their “normal” coverage of the big, d**k-swinging, bad-ass litigators and dealmakers of the week. Perhaps you know or work with some of the honorees? Hopefully we’ll see their names with some regularity going forward. I think that’s right, and from that perspective, this feature about top female attorneys is a great job by the publication.

Which means if you suggest we drink red, we'll probably propose white. Because we'll have drawn up a nice contract to make sure the behaviour that got us into the argument in the is no longer authorised. We work really frickin' late, so won't be able to meet you at 6pm So that surprise date you were going to take us on? And we will almost certainly mention the fact that we're lawyers to the bouncer we're negotiating with, before citing the (completely fabricated) Free Entry Into Drinking Establishments Act of 1995 with confidence. And on that note, we've got buckets of confidence Well, we say confident; others say egotistical. These kinds of lists tend to be nothing more than a popularity contest, but Am Law seemed to do a thorough job in culling through a lot of nominees to come up with their 45 people. What caught my attention was Am Law’s stated reason for putting together the list: Whether it’s “Dealmakers of the Year,” “Litigation Department of the Year,” “Big Suits,” or “Big Deals,” the pages of The American Lawyer typically brim with pictures of men.But time and again, we’ve come across remarkable women lawyers, many of whom fell outside of our deals-and-suits-heavy coverage.Instead of taking a hard look at why our coverage is so male-centric and coming up with a more gender-neutral approach towards identifying the best of the best, we decided to segregate out the women so they don’t have to compete with the big bad men.” I mean, is Am Law trying to tell us that there is no chance that a woman could be “Dealmaker of the Year” (whatever the heck that means)?And what’s with the language “time and again, we’ve come across remarkable women lawyers.” Ya think?

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