Dating a prisoner

Here on our website we have over 3000 inmates who have posted profiles in search of finding a new friend to correspond with. Studies have shown that inmates who have pen pals or have continued correspondence with friends or loved ones have a lower recidivism rate than those who don’t.

So by becoming a pen pal to an inmate you are actually doing a good service to society.

Here are some fun things you can do here, view inmate profiles, view photos of inmates, check out artwork drawn by prisoners, read inmate poetry, see some of our inmate’s tattoos, read inmate documents, write inmates letters, find pen pals, and so much more!

We hope you will open up your world and find out how truly wonderful it is to bring happiness into a lonely ones heart.

"No matter what anybody's in prison for, they have a right to be on the website and correspond with people who want to correspond with them," said Fazzina in an interview with CBC.

"I recommend that other people Google people that they may be wanting to correspond with." Although Canadian Inmates Connect has come to be known as a dating website, officially it's described as a place to find pen-pals. If Fazzina discovers an inmate isn't being honest, she offers a chance to come clean and if not, a refund.

Dating Men Behind Bars Instead of Men In Bars: Eric Menendez, one of the Menendez brothers who is on death row, met his fiance as a pen pal who wrote him in jail.

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There are people who make mistakes and then go on to live perfectly productive lives. Why do you want your parents approval and support so bad?Women who like to take care of men, will find all the good in people who have done very bad things, and celebrate that good. By finding love with someone who is so obviously unavailable, the women who love them, can be in relationships that will never run a "normal" course -- and therefore, will never fail. Paranoid, and seeing the world as a bad place, women who find romance with men on death row, receive confirmation in these relationships that they are victims, as are their big house partners.No matter what you decide about your fiance, check out my book Think & Date Like A Man for advice on how to gain the confidence to attract all different types of men!An Edmonton father says the man who killed his two-year-old son should not be allowed on a dating website for prisoners.In 2013, T-Jaye Heller was sentenced to life in prison for second-degree murder in the Medicine Hat death of his former girlfriend's two-year-old son. Heller, who is now a member of Canadian Inmates Connect, was originally charged with first-degree murder, sexual assault and interference and interfering with human remains.

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