Dating a sociopath woman

Sociopathic women tend to do this most in the sphere of their control - in their intimate relationships with partners, children, family members, friends and colleagues.

Her abuses most often manifest as verbal attacks and covert aggression.

Because of this much of what we know and is written about sociopathy has been gleaned from research into its presentation in men.

Sociopaths frequently perceive threats from others as acts of disrespect, disloyalty, criticism, or disobedience and seek retribution.

It is thought that sociopaths (some use the term psychopath) constitute one to four percent of the population.

Sociopath women are present among us, in some of our families and social groups, in some of our workplaces and in the public eye, throughout history and in literature.

The sociopathic woman may opt to manipulate social networks, for instance, in an attempt to exclude their chosen target from a community.

Alternatively, her ploy may take the form of threats of self-injury, with consequences for family and friends.

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Emotional abuse in relationships can be very damaging and those who have experienced it may struggle with low self-esteem, anxiety and/or depression and may find building trusting relationships difficult in the future.

Or maybe they’re just the totally normal guy who served you coffee this morning.

Psychopaths look like you and me, but there’s one big difference: they don’t have a conscience.

As well as being responsible for over half of all serious crime they cause considerable devastation in the form of physical, psychological and financial damage for people who have been exposed to them.

With few exceptions, prevalent studies show that there are more male sociopaths than female ones.

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