Dating catwoman

It is part of a Riddle, which, when scanned, will reveal her biography.

Her name was also on the Party List, indicating that she has been a patient in Arkham Asylum and may have been incarcerated during the takeover but never released from her cell.

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She angrily told Batman that he should not have gotten involved.

An unnamed federal agency, led by Captain Rick Flag, appeared and took Catwoman and Bane into custody.

A final scene revealed that a woman referred to as Director Waller had Catwoman released with an expunged record and the thanks of a grateful nation, suggesting that Catwoman was working for this agency.

She urged Bane to escape and the two fought again, resulting, once again, in Catwoman's defeat.

Batman asked who she her employer is, but she is unable to answer his question as she was hired anonymously.

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