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This is NOT a WITCH hunt but a DO the right thing and let the perps not bask in the shadows of the victim's shame and predator's power. But certainly this conversation needs to be including gay men and boys.

How many people did Harvey Weinstein, expose himself to, molest, rape and ruin the careers of, before woman gained back their power and had him exposed? Sexual molestation at it's worst is a mental illness, at it's best, it is a lack of impulse control and power mongering. A friend and I were talking today about how 20, 30 years ago if you were gay you did not come out by having sex with your peers but often an older man would show you the ropes-also known today as not appropriate!

heard about greek neff as well more than a few young ladies one ny local trainer ad well which was witnessed by a few friends of mine who rode there years ago they were in the hayloft and came upon this ren age girl giving greek a bj.

however he was quite different as i recall a gal I know who is black rode there and he always addressed her as "leroy" which she figured pretty quick was his indirect way of calling her the n word. And wasn't he on some sort of national board a few years back for children / junior jumper riders. There is SO much wrong with our associations overlooking these sick as fuck trainers.

Not that i have any issues with finding them guilty or unable to participate under these types of allegations but this makes zero sense in terms of the timing and purpose .

The day the new safety requirements and system were installed the LONG ass list of possible guilty parties should have been reviewed, no?

They are requiring ALL female presenters in the show arena to wear hats and they are asking for dresses or skirts as well. THE ASSOCIATION, THE HORSE SHOW, THE POWERS THAT BE CAN NOT MAKE RULES TO PROTECT ANYONE AND THEN ALLOW SOMEONE WITH A SEX CONVICTION TO GET PAID FOR A PRESTIGIOUS EVENT LIKE THIS.

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I am certain there are many sitting reading this who are not speaking up.os Date is a free dating script built using PHP/My SQL, which competes favorably with ae Dating, Web Date, Dating Pro, and other dating systems. We help companies of all sizes scale, manage, and pay their remote workforce on a single platform. Brought to you by TUFa Our Freelance Management platform is used by over 70,000 users and the world’s largest brands to streamline and grow their businesses.We are focused on the end to end lifecycle, helping you source, onboard, engage and pay your freelancers.Pun BB is a free lightweight bulletin board based on PHP initially created by Rickard Andersson as a personal project and first released in 2003.

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