Dating fearful women

But if you decide against doing something about it, then you also decide against constantly looking over and against searching her on Facebook.

Either act on your attraction by showing intent or leave it be altogether.

I realize that a lot of guys have intense anxiety around showing intent.

Putting your cards on the table can be scary – for men women, by the way.

This sophisticated system is called intuition and women have got heaps of it.

Intuition surfaces as this strange feeling in your stomach that tells you to get the fuck away from the drunk loner at the bar who keeps looking over but shies away as soon as you look at him.

So you stay close and observe her in order to not let your chance pass by. In more practical terms: A guy who tells a woman he just met, “I want to take you home tonight,” is probably an asshole, but he is an asshole she knows about and can decide to stay clear from – or not.

A guy who follows her around all night like the main character from Assassin’s Creed just to approach her with, “I noticed you at the party.

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At first, many guys don’t even know what is going on in their mind. Practice becoming aware of your thoughts emotions and express them verbally.

You look so gorgeous,” is much more difficult to size up and thus triggers the ‘creep response’ in her. You don’t have to be over direct and throw out all manners and social protocol, like the guy in the first example.

But if you like a girl and can’t help but look at her because she is just so damn beautiful, then you better make sure you talk to her before she releases the safety on the pepper spray in her coat pocket.

Different women find different things creepy, but there is a common denominator: Creepy is what poses a potential rape or murder threat to us.

Clearly, a nice guy who is so concerned about a woman’s feelings that he’s trying hard not to creep her out is probably not dangerous in any way, but that doesn’t matter.

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