Dating for the ugly

Doc, I used to believe that beauty is subjective and different people like different things. No girls would ever look at me, and none ever told me I’m good looking, cute etc.But that’s complete bullshit and there are certain features that would make a guy attractive for any girl. Except from my mom and grandmother which doesn’t count. I’m almost 18 and I never ever dated a single girl, never held hands with one and never kissed one.So everything is a crisis, the world is always ending and you’ve got more overwrought drama than three seasons of goddamn easy to declare that it’s the sexual apocalypse and you’re doomed to die a virgin despite being 18. Your biggest problem isn’t your looks, it’s your know.I was absolutely, hands down, knew-it-in-my-bones sure that I was going to be able to drink before I ever had sex. In fact, the way that you’re talking makes me suspect that you’ve been spending time on incel boards.I knew this with the certainty of someone who has hopped in the TARDIS and went forward in time to verify it personally. I may have sworn up and down that I could see every step of the next five years with perfect clarity, but I was wrong. (But, listen chief, as long as you’re telling the future, could you look up the lottery tickets? But whether you’re hanging out with the Incels or just asshole-infested sections of Reddit, the best thing you can do right now is log the hell out of them.Nobody claimed that billion dollar Powerball yet and I’m kind of hoping they’re going to roll it back into the prize pool.) Now, you’re convinced that you’re going to be a virgin by 25. We’ll start by suggesting that you dial back the histrionics. I realize that it can feel like you’re facing harsh truths and peeling the pleasing lies, but that’s not what you’re actually doing.

While you can’t do anything about your bone structure or your overall frame, it is almost at how much minor changes can affect how you look. Letting the hair on top keep some length and allowing for some volume on the sides goes a long way towards adjusting the shape of your head and balancing things out. In order to get better at flirting I had to go out and flirting.

You’re making broad worst-case-scenario assumptions based off of confirmation bias and your belief that you’re inherently unlovable and unfuckable.

You’re drawing conclusions based on things that you assume to be true with no facts actually in evidence.

The part of the interview that Twitter is hard-core identifying with is where Eilish quips: "You give an ugly guy a chance, he thinks he rules the world." She continues on to basically say that these guys' attitudes change once they land a girl.

"Because they got a hot girl, they think they can be horrible?

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