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DOWN attracts free spirits who resist being tied down by any one person. Much like its users, DOWN operates under a straight-up, tell-it-like-it-is approach to life and love.

These singles take pride in their independence and their ability to do what they want when they want. The app’s developers have decluttered the interface and boiled it down to the essentials, so there’s no time wasted on virtual gifts and other excessive features.

The team analyzed the app’s user activity growth and decided to centralize their efforts on improving the user experience.

That means a cleaner look, faster response times, and more quality matches.

DOWN may not have any flashy improvements on the docket, but it still intends to wow singles with a polished and streamlined dating experience.

“We have some fun stuff up our sleeves for the next year,” the DOWN Dating Team assured us.

“They’re struggling to learn how to date well in this brave new dating app world.

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That’s something the app and its users have in common. By building on past success and staying true to the app’s founding mission, DOWN has the potential to become the biggest name in adult dating.

No company has a universal, foolproof rulebook for thriving in this scene, so modern dating services have had to get creative to stand out and attract singles. While some dating companies stick to the status quo and endorse love-centric dating, DOWN aims to shake things up by supporting hookup culture and representing the millions of singles who, for whatever reason, just want to get laid.

That innovative spirit has led to improvements in the way people meet one another, and it has allowed small startups to compete with major corporations. The DOWN dating app offers a secure and anonymous place where sexually active adults can turn online flirtations into offline hookups.

DOWN has gone all in on the idea that most singles want sex.

In the last few years, DOWN has made a name for itself in a competitive market by embracing the hookup culture and giving singles easy access to the attractive date prospects they desire.

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