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Croatians even complain that the only language they hear spoken during the months of July and August is Slovak!However, that might just be a stereotype; but according to word of mouth, it is true.This stereotype likely came about when visitors drank one too many shots of Slovak slivovica or borovička; both can be quite strong. And it is true that Slovaks like to drink, but they actually consume less alcohol per capita than most of the surrounding countries.Slivovica is a plum brandy, aged for about three years in oak barrels. Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Poland all consume more alcohol in litres per capita annually, according to research done by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)…In fact, OECD statistics indicate that household disposable income has been steadily rising by 4.1% every year.Additionally, Bratislava is rated as the sixth richest region in the European Union when comparing GDP per capita, according to the EU statistics office.

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