Dating marijuana user

Cannabis abuse and dependence are the most prevalent drug use disorders in the United States (Compton et al., 2004), yet little is known about the factors contributing to successful marijuana treatment.The objective of this within-subject study is to determine whether decision-making and risk-taking are affected by acute cannabis intoxication.He did manage to completely quit marijuana on his own last year (his descision) and kept it up for six months straight. He doesn’t like that he does it but he just finds it so hard to stop. They would say, “if you don’t like that he smokes it, leave him” or “if he won’t quit for you, then he is not worth having.” It is not as simple as that.He is a good man who is kind and cares about people, does many things for others and treats me wonderfully.He has been smoking pot since high school so he has quite an extensive history.Strangely enough, my boyfriend is a recovering alcoholic, went through rehab and AA and has not had a drink in over ten years.We will also measure subjective mood ratings, heart rate and blood pressure repeatedly for 180 minutes following smoking.This study is the first controlled investigation of the effects of smoked marijuana on both risk taking and decision making tasks.

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We have been together for almost five years and for five years, it has been the one aspect of our relationship that I would consider a huge problem.

Participants received active marijuana cigarettes (1.8, or 3.9% THC; provided by NIDA) over 2 of 3 outpatient sessions in randomized order.

Active marijuana (1.8 % THC) was administered using a cued-smoking procedure, which produces reliable increases in heart-rate and plasma THC.

Each will participate in three, 4-hour outpatient sessions in the Substance Use Research Center (SURC) in the Division of Substance Abuse at NYSPI.

They will smoke a different strength marijuana cigarette (0.0, 1.98, 3.9% THC) in each session in counter-balanced order.

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