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When Schultz visited his retailing friends, he showed them his sketches and ideas for packaging toiletries in functional containers that had simple designs.

The perfume bottles were clear glass with naïve folk art styled enameling of Pennsylvania Dutch (German) figures.

Top 10 in no particular order: Amouage - Epic Man Montale - Black Aoud Montale - Aoud Lime Boucheron - Jaipur pour homme edp Hermes - Terre d'Hermes pure parfum Thierry Mugler - A Men Pure Malt Dior - Sauvage edt Rochas - Lui Davidoff - Cool Water Mancera - Cedrat Boise Just out of curiosity. If you can get a sample of the new one then maybe someone with the old may trade you half a sample to do a side by side. Ask around some vintage menfolk and you may find one of them still has some...

I only own the P&G version, but am also familiar (from previous testing) with the Shoulton vintage formulation.

Shulton’s perfume bottles were an homage to the early glasshouses of "Baron" Heinrich Wilhelm Stiegel of Philadelphia and Casper Wistar of Alloway, NJ (which is the town next to mine), whose decorated flasks were known as bride‘s bottles/colognes.

Stiegel was the first American glass manufacturer to enamel glass.

When Old Spice was introduced, William Lightfoot Schultz was interested in maintaining a colonial framework for those products and chose a nautical theme for Old Spice.

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Most of us know the famous men’s fragrance Old Spice, but very few know that this was originally intended for women to wear.

While the newer one is slightly sweeter, more powdery and even less lasting (I shamefully admit) than the vintage version, my opinion would still be: the difference nor the improvement from new to vintage are THAT pronounced, as to justify paying way more for the vintage version.

I have both versions and the vintage smells a little better to me because it is a little little spicier and has a nice dirty vibe(jasmine I think), but it has worse longevity than the new formula.

Early American Old Spice toiletries were an immediate success. Shulton introduced a few items of Old Spice for men in time for Christmas that year, and by the end of the following year, sales were million.

Men’s fragrances include Old Spice, introduced in 1938, a tweaked version of the women’s, a classic masculine scent of citrus, flowers, and vanilla which was, and Old Spice Whitewater.

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