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[Read: 7 date ideas men love but women actually hate] #7 DON’T make her feel inferior.There may be a temptation for some older guys, with their wealth of experience and knowledge, to see themselves as superior to the girl they are trying to woo.[Read: 7 dumbest mistakes men make in relationships] #8 DON’T listen to the rumors. There will be men and women both who take issue with your age gap and spread malicious rumors and gossip about you.

This is a strength that the younger woman admires and aspires to. No better place to start than with your voice and mind. You don’t have to be a daredevil stunt driver or extreme sports junkie to pick up some interesting experiences along the way. It may be people you’ve met, places you’ve been on holiday, or anything else that stands out from the normal array of day-to-day activities.

They may have the bodies of demigods, but they can also have the emotional maturity of a walnut. Show her how even-headed you are and how readily able you are to talk about your feelings in a calm and responsive manner.

Guys mature emotionally at a much slower rate than women and can easily get into their thirties with the emotional intelligence of a five-year-old. Show her that your maturity ensures that a relationship with you is a true emotional partnership, not a one-way street to toy town! You don’t get to your later years without learning a thing or two.

It is usually the case that the twentysomething male has a “jump straight in, genitals first and only” kind of approach.

If he lasts more than the time it takes to cook an egg in his selfish efforts to reach a boiling point, then the woman can count herself lucky.

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