Dating palissy pottery

Some of them were independent artists that just used a particular studio's facilities, either by invitation or because they did not have a studio of their own and who frequently paid tribute to that studio by marking their wares accordingly, or were actually employed by the company.

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However, in 1921, the US Congress requested that Japanese Customs Authorities change the name to JAPAN.

Most Studio or Art Pottery is unique and rarely reproduced in large quantities unless they were made for utilitarian purposes, such as pottery jugs or ceramic cookware and tableware that are usually branded in the same pattern and perhaps modeled by a particular designer.

Arts & Crafts pottery is often made in smaller numbers.

Some, as in the case of hand-decorated figurines, are signed with handwritten initials or a simple logo of the artist or modeler.

Additionally, most marks and backstamps are underglaze and some are overglaze.

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