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Many are turning away from the medical system altogether.

Sexually active young people aren’t engaging in safe sex and antibiotic resistant gonorrhea is spreading, although how far is obscured by the failure of the government to keep records ( and

A new survey finds that when Russians go online, they search for pornography three times more often than they do for Putin.

The study also found important regional differences in the kind of pornography residents of Russia like and in the length of time they spend at porn sites ( and

But there needs to be a way to mark those which can’t be discussed in detail but which are too indicative of broader developments to ignore.

Consequently, each week presents a selection of these other and typically neglected stories at the end of each week.

Others, no longer able to pay for ever more expensive medications are turning to alternative treatments which often mean they cannot be cured at all ( and

Not surprisingly, all this is pushing up mortality rates, and this year, the natural loss of the population has been four times greater than last year (

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Red Square in Moscow, September 2016 (Image: TASS) " data-medium-file="https://i2com/ Um VUYWYAARsnf1.jpg?Russians have only been able to maintain or even increase spending by living on credit cards or with microloans, something unsustainable for long because of stratospheric interest rates (, and there is no cushion: a third of Russians say they have no savings at all (ru/news/2037454-echo.html).fit=300,213" data-large-file="https://i2com/ Um VUYWYAARsnf1.jpg? fit=960,680" data-lazy-src=" Um VUYWYAARsnf1.jpg" /Vladimir Putin at a staged photo shoot with models posing as brides, which was later presented to Russian and foreign media as Putin's random encounter with a group of real brides who charmed him to take some "selfies" while encircled by bodyguards.Red Square in Moscow, September 2016 (Image: TASS) The flood of news stories from a country as large, diverse and strange as the Russian Federation often appears to be is far too large for anyone to keep up with.

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