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Prevost said she lost 50 pounds on her own through diet and exercise and reached her weight loss goal five months early.

A year later, she is still trying to collect her grant.

Jenn Granger from Calgary paid Dalewood ,100, lost weight, and met all the requirements in October.

Her grant was also denied based on the rule that kicked in last month.

He was also listed as director of operations for Dalewood on its website, until Go Public started asking questions about his connection to both companies.

The ads ran across the country — get paid to lose weight — enticing many Canadians trying to shed pounds to sign up.That rule was introduced in April, long after Prevost finished the program and submitted her paperwork."You can't change the rules like that in the middle and deny me my claim based on something that you implemented after the fact," Prevost said.Patrick Mc Keen is the president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Central Ontario.BBBs across the country have received complaints about the Weight Loss Grants Organization and Dalewood clinics.

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