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The Red Sox have held their spring training in the city since 1993.

Koller played 91 times for the Czech Republic, scoring 55 goals; making him the nation's all-time leading scorer.The couple’s son, Luke Farrell, underwent two surgeries in 2010 to remove a large tumor from his neck back, according to an ESPN feature.In the hours after Moran’s resignation, her profile was removed from CSNNE’s website.Dell joined CBS Sports in May 2014 and Middlebrooks joined the Padres in December 2014. Here’s what you need to know: The Boston Globe reports that, “In recent days at the Red Sox spring training facility in Fort Myers, Fla., there has been speculation among local and national baseball reporters about Farrell’s relationship with Moran, who until Friday covered the team for the network.Asked about the nature of his relationship with Moran, Farrell declined to comment on Friday.” Moran texted a reporter at the newspaper saying, “I have stepped away from Comcast Sports Net,” having been with the company since September 2009.

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