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Temperatures seldom exceed 90 °F (32 °C), and rainfall generally averages 120–140 inches (3,000–3,500 mm) a year.Heavily wooded, mountainous terrain is characteristic, and, although there are extensive plains, only those on the northern side of Guadalcanal have been developed for large-scale agriculture. There are hot springs on Savo, where a volcano last erupted in the 1840s. For example, Tinakula in the Santa Cruz group and Kavachi, a submarine volcano near New Georgia, have erupted regularly every few years, and Simbo Island has a solfatara (a volcanic area or vent that yields only hot vapours and sulfurous gases).Solomon Islands is a constitutional monarchy, with the British monarch, represented by a governor-general, serving as the formal head of state.

Manufacturing primarily involves the processing of coconut and other vegetable oils and of cocoa.Aola Bay, Viru Harbour, and Graciosa Bay are used mainly for log exports.Interisland shipping is operated both privately and by the government.The prime minister rarely commands a clear majority in Parliament, and so governments are usually formed of a coalition of parties or factions.Local government councils control matters regarding transportation, economic development, health, and education. Schools are run both by the national and provincial governments and by various churches.

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