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Domesticated turkeys are a good, low-fat source of protein.

They have become an increasingly popular choice of poultry because of their taste and good nutritional value. The common names used for the number or type of turkey changes depending on the age or sex of the animal.

With that being said, one would think that November would be National Turkey Lovers' Month.

However, it is the month of June that is actually dedicated to turkey lovers.

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While wild turkeys are capable of flight, domesticated turkeys cannot fly.

Smell and Taste: Turkeys do not have a highly developed sense of smell.One of the first things people notice about turkeys are the red, fleshy stretches of skin and bulbous growths located around the head and neck region.These structures are the: Another prominent and noticeable feature of the turkey is its plumage.Wild turkeys can run as speed of 25 miles per hour and fly at speeds of up to 55 miles per hour.Vision: A turkey's eyes are located on opposite sides of its head.

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