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Researchers showed that 35% of women dated a coworker who was above them in the organizational chart, while that percentage for men is 23%.

Even though the trend of dating a coworker is not as popular as it was ten years ago, more people meet their partners at work (22%) than during a night out (10%), online (13%) and through friends (18%).

It’s not surprising that the most of people are opposed to office romances, where 6% of workers believe that the romance at work is completely unacceptable, 33% are disapproving only when it’s between co-workers who are on different levels within the company, also 33% believe that co-workers who collaborate on projects should not get involved.

Overall dating within your company regardless of the roles or location is discouraged.

If everything goes well, there are no worries for employees or for the company, but at some point, there will be some issues and relationships could end in a breakup.

Only 31% of people who enter into a relationship with a coworker end up marrying.

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