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Llama/Flitt Legacy Chapter Two/Screenshot-110-2Here's Penelope Flitt and Iqbal Alvi. YES YOU ARE CORRECT ///gives a cookie Ethan Ciano and Trish O'Donoghue I love these two. @katiem253: Jeanne reminds me of someone I know personally, think it's the eyebrows and nose ring. I love the way Matthew is staring at her (: @Rainy_Day: I love the name Amelia! @no.[666]bicycle: I love the way you have the different phases of their live combined, very nostalgic! I felt like picking up a car and throwing it at something. It's Connor Frio and his wife, Marley; they just turned into elders, yet the chemistry is still there! met a female sim, Berthe Girard, resembled to his type of female character on fictional story he had written before.

I didn't even have to force them into a relationship to fit Omerta's storyline - they started flirting immediately. @Emoted Llama: I never realized Igbal has a unibrow? Wren & Spencer you purposefully name them after the couple on PLL or was it just a coincidence..? Even when their daughter Chantelle is begging for their attention, apparently. (Actually I made this story way back before movie Ruby Sparks was out, coincidentally my base plot looks similar like that movie, i really have no idea. Fredrick, Can not remember what it was before he married Momoko, he was a proprietor, when they met it was like fireworks, all Momo wanted was to talk to him.

These were their lame attempts at Halloween costumes, just by the way. lang=german)Martin Hamming, son of Matthew Hamming (of Bridgeport) and his wife Ellie Hamming Rivers, here portrayed with his fiance Shania Chevelle. Theirs is the only double bed in the house."Kody and Hailey Maxwell (a legacy I've just started) were made quickly after... Best friends since childhood, dating since their early teens. My game has been crashing a lot lately, so I started a new family.

just decided to upload a picture I had for a while, Jack and Rose from Titanic. :lovestruc those default preggo clothes... S5678/Mortyand Bella_zps7f1e673( S5678/media/Mortyand Bella_zps7f1e673html) Bella: Oh, Morty... I don't usually take pictures of them, but as I finally had the courage to build the entire house (and I'm really happy with it), I took some photos this time.

Abraham and Ana Bonneville got married at the same exact place they met, behind the diner next to a dumpster...romance. ~horifynuisance aka psychicsocial Skating in Riverview after Lana finally musters up to courage to ask him to spin with her. I like awful couples.roger and devin, my babiesss: protected]/8746105803/) Going to the Chapel ( protected]/8746105803/) by tatygirl90 ( protected]/), on Flickr This is Ash, grandson to the Altos through Holly.

adults, they just had their first kid. Incredible Romance of Morgan and Hans Mulligan. He and Gabriela have been together since they met at prom. is my modern day Ares and Aphrodite, haven't had enough time to play them in game yet but they are currently dating, and just moved in together ^_^ Ares' face is kinda derpy in this one ahah!

Now, since back in Bridgeport, Brandy brought in a ton of simoleons, they ended up with around 400,000 bucks.I'd date you..." the cemetery (current)Ella Bymal & Hudson Thomas The proposal, while on vacation in Champs les Sims. " 3 Photos/Itsrealbaby_zps8d51b886Rema says "Don't worry honey, you're not dreaming."my sim and her (now ex) boyfriend when she was pregnant XRRL1and their daughter (she's too cute not to show off) PCg7They are Cynthia Bisset and Tomas Richardson. ( by keeks_ ( on Flickr Better picture of Manisha after their movie date. ( by keeks_ ( on Flickr Sims 3/Townie Make-Overs/Crumplebottom-Briody/tumblr_mltrq219Oq1s511ido2_1280 Sims 3/Townie Make-Overs/Crumplebottom-Briody/tumblr_mhxxps KOTp1s511ido1_1280 Sims 3/Townie Make-Overs/Crumplebottom-Briody/tumblr_mltrq219Oq1s511ido1_1280Agnus Crumplebottom and Gage Briody, my Townie Make-Overs. (My own Sims, for a change.) Wz Imogen Pelly and Andrew.(They swam out to that little island that was unreachable before Seasons...) photo (back in Monte Vista) (Shaeffer) & Dana (May) Vky Popping the Question High-Res album here ( T). Alphonse: "We can go as far as you'd like, as long as I can the one to drive you." it is be one together..." Bora: *giggle* "... Call Me Rubs/Screenshot-30_zps59cfa9 Call Me Rubs/Screenshot-33_zps5ad24c8My self-sim Keeks found himself a girlfriend while at college! I have quite a few townie make-overs now, but these two were my first and they are among my favorites. They are not a couple yet, but they're equally nasty and deserve each other. time posting and first time making a picture of my Sims, here is My newest couple...... This is the Macnair main couple – the surname is from the Harry Potter series and their future children will probably marry into other families of the same source (perhaps with some well-known characters, who knows? : D Walter & Charlotte Macnair They're both evil, proper and snob, btw. with my Sim husband, "Leo Malone." just had a baby girl I named Elizabeth. More of Carlotta and Susie, because they just got married and I'm feeling emotional :lovestruc Sims/TS3/Lobos/Screenshot-938_zpscf3ba5b3( Sims/TS3/Lobos/Screenshot-938_zpscf3ba5b3html) Sims/TS3/Lobos/Screenshot-689_zps730a1( Sims/TS3/Lobos/Screenshot-689_zps730a1html) Sims/TS3/Lobos/Screenshot-897_zps1e24043( Sims/TS3/Lobos/Screenshot-897_zps1e24043html) Sims/TS3/Lobos/Screenshot-988_zpsf7b7f508( Sims/TS3/Lobos/Screenshot-988_zpsf7b7f508html) This is when Marceline is still blonde dancing When they are still young :') Marceline's dog is in love? And Walter probably thinks that telling a scary story is a very romantic idea. and Ariel 3/Screenshot-135_zpsfcd091 3/Screenshot-136_zps6a5a865 3/Screenshot-137_zpsaf469 3/Screenshot-138_zps33eed90 3/Screenshot-139_zps6d91d7 3/Screenshot-63_zps51ee4fa7 3/Screenshot-134_zpsb58bd268Richie and Carly 3/Screenshot-30_zps881c249 3/Screenshot-27_zpsc4f697a5Tanya & Symjole & Angelica & Trinity & Obi & Lisa & Chance & Calvin & Dede & Kane Maddox!! Constance pregnant with their first daughter :lovestruc So this is a lesbian couple I made, and honestly even without the CC, I feel like they're friggin' adorable together. So they ended up hooking up to fulfill a want that Maureen had.

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