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Life is not about happiness; life is about growth – anything that’s not growing is dying.Therefore, you should be grateful to the woman who hurt you before – she made you stronger!It’s time to lick your wounds and go hunt up another hot woman worthy of your love.You can start from an online dating site where you can find attractive Ukrainian girls..

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If the gorgeous Ukrainian lady isn’t perfect, why should you be perfect? Some men in western countries fear being judged simply because their wives are from Ukraine – people around them keep saying things like, “Oh, he can’t get a wife in this country, so he has to marry a Ukrainian bride” and “Ukrainian women are gold-diggers who only want men’s money and green cards”.Some men went through a lot of pain, so they have given their lives to destiny.If you feel that love and life are predestined, you would be very glad to know that you are actually in control of your destiny. If you are complaining about something, that only means you think something outside you controls your life.Dating basic bitches is your comfort zone, so you want to stay with the familiar.Since you are reading this article and considering changing your love life fundamentally, you must say “no” to the next basic bitch who says, “let’s go out together”..

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