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He couldn’t find a way to update the Linq to SQL DBML file so it reflects the changes he made to the underlying database model.

Now i need to add a new column to a table used in dbml file.

There is a nuance to updating tables then updating the DBML...

Foreign key relationships are not immediately always brought over if changes are made to existing tables.

I has performed this change like that : 1) Creat a new column in database. 3) Now when i am building the project i am getting the complication error : Error 1 'Ai Live. Linq Chat Data Context' does not contain a constructor that takes 0 arguments D:\Ai-Media\Ai-Media\Ai-Live\Dev\VNext\Scs.root\Scs\Class Library\Live 111 42 Class Library Please response asap if anyone can help.

hi lasantha, According to your description, i would suggest you try the ways below to solve the issue about 'DBML not updating'.

Of course, I can't share my company's code so you're on your own for writing this yourself.

Jim Wooley has a summary various Linq and Linq-to-SQL tools here: Damien Guard has a list of tools/resources for L2S here: Hope they can help you.

#1 the best simple way: you can create a new dbml file and drag the related tables and it generates the code.

#2 There's no built-in way to sync the dbml file/datacontext with the database after making changes (), but there are third-party tools that add refresh functionality to the Visual Studio L2S designer : One such tool is my add-in, Huagati DBML/EDMX Tools.

The LINQ to SQL tools is the feature you must install.

For VS 2017/2019, you can find it under Check out the PLINQO site at have a look at the intro videos.

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