Diana degarmo and ace young dating

He was introduced as Brett Young, with the name 'Ace' marked in quotations.

Later, he told them he preferred to be called Ace, and the quotes were removed from his credits.

His well-received first video debuted in April 2008 on Myspace.

On May 12, 2008, Ace made an appearance on the TV show Bones.

On October 20, 2006 , he released his first single "Scattered," with help from friend Elvio Fernandes, a musician in Rochester, NY. Young helped write the chorus to Daughtry's debut single, "It's Not Over." Young appeared and sang on the 2006 Walt Disney Christmas Day Parade along with fellow idol finalists Paris Bennett, Kevin Covais, and Mandisa.

Abdul commented that she liked the "new Ace" and called it "a magical night." Cowell said "it wasn't bad," but while he said the middle was a bit nasally, he called the performance "charming." The following night Young was placed in the "bottom three" with Chris Daughtry and Bennett and was eliminated.

On April 26, Young performed as a guest on Total Request Live, singing an original song called "Don't Go" a cappella; the song will be included in his upcoming album.

Jackson said it was living proof that Young was single, and Abdul said the song was perfect for his range and that he sang an adequate rendition of a contemporary country music hit. Kenny Rogers also gave him very positive reviews, and later Young said he got the best advice from Rogers.

On April 18, the sixth week of the finals, was songs from the Great American Songbook week with Rod Stewart.

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