Diddy and jennifer lopez dating again mcfly dating

Jennifer Lopez has once again looked to her real-life love to play her love interest in a music video.The ab-tastic star will appear alongside her dancer boyfriend, Casper Smart, in her video for "Dance Again." In stills posted on her official website, she appears in a body-hugging, midriff-bearing outfit as Smart ties a blindfold around her that reads "Love Is Blind." In another still, the roles are reversed, and Smart dons the blindfold as she caresses her tatted lover from behind.Unfortunately, Anthony and J-Lo’s marriage survived just 7 years and when the news of their split went public, hearts were broken within and across America. They reportedly met while Marc was performing on the Broadway musical, , it was love at first sight and why wouldn’t it be, they, after all, share a lot in common; in addition to their shared love for music, both are Puerto Ricans who happened to also be New Yorkers, there must have been a lot to talk about on that first date.Per reports, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez dated briefly in 1998 though it was casual as they soon went their separate ways.

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The couple split for good in October 2018 after rumors surfaced that Diddy started daring Instagram model Jocelyn Chew. "But it’s not a movie, even if you see us on Instagram or on the shows." When asked about getting married, Lopez said they like where their relationship is today.

They began their new married life in an apartment in Brooklyn, New York.

Their red carpet moments were electric, to say the least, and when they started making duets upon duets? When they performed on stage, they brought the fire along.

However, it turns out the couple found a way to remain friends, they even sparked reunion rumors in the 2016 awards season when they shared a kiss on stage at the Latin Grammys but that was just a mere kiss and nothing more.

Since the split, Anthony has had another failed marriage – with model Shannon de Lima while J-Lo who describes herself as a hopeless romantic continues her search for Mr.

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