Double up your dating

But your worries about dating don’t have to keep you from meeting people and having good dates.Based on cognitive-behavior therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy, I’ve listed some of the most common dating worries, and how to start approaching these worries in a new way: “I will be embarrassed.” You worry that you might spill or drop something (I personally have a penchant for dropping forks when I’m nervous), have an awkward silence, or encounter an embarrassing situation (like running into an ex or tripping).

That being said, it is virtually impossible to remove all uncertainty.Self-compassion is treating yourself kindly, with understanding, care, and forgiveness.Having self-compassion lets you care less about judgment from a date because it helps you to truly accept and like who you are.This might include focusing on listening to your date, asking questions, sharing a story about yourself, or simply smiling and allowing yourself to have fun.“I will be judged.” You might worry that your date won’t like how you look, or will be critical of what you say.

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