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VNs = pure reading, no gameplay (other than a few choices).Dating-sims = some reading plus gameplay based on stats, earning money, buying presents etc.. VNDB is focused mainly on VNs, though it has some VN/dating sim hybrids as well.The list claims there to be a patch for the vita for english.Muv-luv is also commonly recommended iirc and is TBA for an english release in the (hopefully) near future.I was wondering if anyone knew any good dating sims (other than Key's visual novels). Unfortunately, Huniepop is probably the ONLY good English-voiced dating sim you'll find.

Over 10 years ago and now Tomoko Saeki remains the best girl!!!Err, stick with Katawa Shoujo for dating sim-type VNs.Saya no Uta and G-Senjou no Maou aren't, I got off on a tangent or something.I always thought it a bit weird that publishers would be more than willing to bring over half a dozen otome titles at the same time but would be willing to ignore/avoid the same thing targeted at a male audience despite whatever reception they might have received over the ocean.It's even gotten to the point where some pubs have released Vita and PC titles of this kind, in English, but only on PC.

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