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You can achieve this by executing the Disable Event Firing method on the list item.After the changes are saved you can activate the event handler again by executing the Enable Event Firing method on the list item.Allow Unsafe Update is a property on the SPSite and SPWeb objects.You can set it to true to avoid security validation before the changes are written to the content database.

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It also allows to modifiy the values in the system columns lik Created By (internal name Author), Modified By (internal name Editor), Modified and Created.

To avoid that a list item event handler is triggered again and again and again, you have to prevent the event handler from firing before you update changes to the list item.

Although this script absolutely fails when testing in Test mode or an actual server instance, when I press the play button, everything works 100% fine. Is this an actual bug or is it a fault in my coding?

I had experience with FE for a while now and I am not sure what I am doing wrong at this point.

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