Flip card dating

The FLIP National Challenge (now in Season 10) is India’s largest Finance contest; Thousands of B-Schoolers compete for the highest score, in select FLIP Certifications.

They benchmark themselves against an all India pool, to power their career, in Financial Services.

Secondly, FLIP certification adds weightage to your CV, which will help you in your internship.

FLIP Wealth Advisor program has definitely helped me to clearly identify the exact needs of the client with my role at IIFL, which involves conversing with clients of different age groups with different risk appetite and different understanding of various financial products.

In such in-depth practical knowledge into the subject, my performance has enhanced, and thanks to FLIP, I’m expecting a promotion shortly.

Move all cards to the four Foundation piles from Ace to King in the same suit. All cards are dealt face down except for the last card in each Column.

This has improved my understanding about the various business cycles involved and helped me in writing better code.

The FLIP National Challenge Certifications are: FLIP program helped me to form a strong foundation in finance.

It helped my CV to standout & get shorlisted during my placements.

The 1st Column is dealt one card, the 2nd is dealt 2, 3rd 3, up to the 7th column which is dealt 7 cards.

Foundations are built UP and IN SUIT starting with an Ace and ending with a King.

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