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Sharing the screen shots of her convo, Risper wrote: Good Morning, Okay now you want to talk lies about my fiancé and think you will go Scott’s (sp) free?

Evidence part one when Mishi was begging for my hair yet a b*tch can’t even afford to pay 3K a day for hair begging for everything. In fact he will never and can never look at your filthy a** you motherf***ing hoe.

Now Mishi Dora has caused another alteration due to the tea she spilled at Mpasho where she claimed that Risper’s fiancé was making his moves on her.

“Brian has been flirting with me; I think I gave him the wrong impression when I met him at the gym.

See Step 1 below to start flirting smartly and respectfully.

I made a mistake by flirting with him and told him his muscles look sexy…maybe he wanted to take it to another level; maybe he thought I was interested in him.

However I don’t do kitambi (pot-bellied) guys” she claimed.

I was considered ‘one of the guys’, engaging in intellectual conversations, kidding around, and playing sports together. Like you, I thought flirting was inauthentic, an overtly sexual come-on, and if you put your sexuality out there, you should be willing to accept the outcome.

I didn’t want sex on a first or second date, and I wanted to be authentic in my interactions with men.

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