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A horse race, ending in a runaway which proved disa»throus to some man's collar bone, and »ome boy's occiput, and m the evening 'a display of fire-works and a grand ball cloiei the proceedings. After a beaut ful repast j to Pine Bend, where Hon. This was attended to in the usual vij;tirons style, aud all enjoyed themselves, or seemed to, tor the next half four, or longer, after which the crowd disper.sed, having had a good time gen- erally. There arc already some thirty or forty teams at and near St. Qp* Passettgers can rest ensured that there urill be no further trouble in getting into or through Canada. (with laoreasad fae Ultles.) w« oflte to thu «rad« ; ft«9 bbls. An interesting feature of the exercises wai the booming at intervals of the Bltkely gun, captured at Cheraw. C, by the gallant boys of the First Minneso- ta Artillery, some forty of whom enlisted from this town, and who had ju»t return- ed in lime to' participate in the fetlivities of the day, bringing with them, by the Govoroor's consent, this splendid trophy of their valor. Cloud, ready for the march ; and among those of my last expedition who arc preparing and nearly ready to join me tbe second time. Larnard and Young Llbby, of Anoka, with a dozea or so of their friends in that district. All you have to do is answer a couple of simple questions and you’re ready to go.Why get bogged down with inconvenient registration pages when you don’t have to?

It is a fact ot some «iguiticauce, that the main topic was the excension of suffrage to the freedmen, and ihit all loucurrtd in advocating the •xertion of all the powers of the govern- ment to surround the new found freedom ot the negrot-s wi'.b adequite consliiu- tional safeguards in tho reorganization ot the rebel States. The Llovernor has addressed the people of Anoka to their great satisfaction several imes. Many went the multitude re-assembled to hear the toaflti and responses which bad been an- nounced. Tho late action of tbo Government toward bringing about a speedy and permanent peace with the various Indian tribes throughout the West, will, in my judgment, he the means of producing an early cessation of hostilities and an opening of safe routes to the emigrant along all oar lorders and highways.

It was pleasant to see bow glad the boys were to get back to their old home, and to witness the joyful greetings of their old acquaintances among the crowd. Several who have accompanied me on each of the expeditions I have made, again lxoked for tho present one.

"We would rather have a forty acre lot ia Plainvisw," I overheard one of them saying, "than the best planta- tion in the South." "Boys," said anoth- er to his comrades, "th**y say that man made the town and the Lord made the country. Teft, formerly of Minueiska, now a resident of Plain view, was. Foster, who is one of the largest and most prosper- ous farmcri in Minnesota. Parties or squads and companies from the East will arrive here trom the 15th ins Uint up to the time ol start- ing.

I think the Devil made South Carolina, and God made Minnesota." "There's no place like home " said anoth- er, "(iood-bje dysentery, I am going to stay in Minnesota." The superiority of Minnesota, ia beauty, bea Uhfulness and fertility seemed to be the favorite topic ot these heroes of the great Anabasis. of course, a pleas- ant ft^ature of the celebration, and a source of unmixed comfort to the stran- gers whom he "took in." The same should be uaid ot Mr. He has now some six hundred acres in wheat, which ia more than he could handle conveni- ently in the past few years, when labor was scarce. AH persons availing themselves of the advantages of the expedition will, I trust, see the importance of remitting to me here promptly by express, such sums as the Cir- cular specifics, as it is from this alone that I must prepare and provide for the outfit and wants of the expedition.

Speaking of wheat, the universal tes- timony of the farmers in this section is, that the crops were never so splendid aa now. The names and res- idences of all persons should also be furnish- e J me for record. ^ each, commencing Sieptemticr i Mi J, and Marcii Sth, Ih OC i or catalugup and t:ircu Ur aodresia JUKLPAit Kbtt, Koyal Profeeaor. Driving tifteen miles southweit frcm Georgetown, in H Dorado count.v — where cur last letter was writleo — «itl croeiiing the scut b foik of (lie American river, we enter, two milet (rom its south bank, tbit city of r LACBKTILLX. 'J he prospect of an *4rl_r completiou of the Piaeervil U and Sacramento Valley Kailroad, from Sacra luento city eit Folsom to this poi Dt, is oi immeniie beoedt to Placenrille, as it re tains a good proportion of its lnhabitant^ that won!

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