Freja beha erichsen dating 2016

Now, some of the most sought-after fashion and beauty models are very visibly tattooed, such as Freja Beha Erichsen, Cara Delevigne and Alice Dellal.Even the hint of airbrushing their ink away would result in the cancellation of their bookings. Tattooed models have the result of giving conservative brands an edge and now body ink really is .Boo George shoots Freja Beha Erichsen for Twin F/W 2009 I’ll let this image speak for me, during a fabulous dinner yesterday eve I got robbed for my iphone and feel pretty frustrated now, well, nothing that cannot be fixed.It’s scary to think of what could have happened so on the bright side we’re unharmed and my handbag and shoes are still with me.Remember when Carrie got robbed her Manolo’s in SATC?

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Thus it looks like due to the fact that she is so nice she has had relationship in the past and there were girls that could have been known as Freja Beja girlfriend at one point of their lives.It looks like Freja is so special that even straight model girls would like to be with her, because she has plenty of friends and plenty of admirers that would love to become Freja Beha girlfriend one day.Thus she seems to be looking for someone special in her life and does not want to go out with everyone that wants to be with her.I’ve been working on a mood board for animal print and came across this, one of my favorite models Freja Beha Erichsen with the coolest haircut ever, in Vogue Nippon March issue 2010 photographed by Terry Richardson.Speaking of animal prints, the shopping yesterday was followed by a dinner at Gaucho, an Argentine steak house with many addresses around in London, to be honest it’s not the best steak house in town but I love the interior and atmosphere, animal printed furniture and walls and crystal chandeliers.

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