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Legislation passed under the military regimes was labeled as “Decrees” except for that under the regime of the Provisional National Defense Council (P. The Gazette is, therefore, a source for locating bills or proposed legislation in Ghana.

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The President may refer bills or even laws to the Council of State for its comments. The “Decrees” and “Laws”, although numbered sequentially, enjoy breaks in the run with each new regime starting its own run.

The port town had been christened “El mina”, the mine, homage to the gold riches in those parts. Both the Dutch and the British formed companies to advance their African ventures and to protect their coastal establishments.

The Portuguese built the first permanent trading post, the Elmina Castle, in 1482. The next 150 years were defined by conflict and diplomatic maneuvers, as the various European powers, including the British, struggled to maintain or establish a position of dominance in the profitable trade along the Gold Coast.

The Ghana Gazette is thus an obvious source for locating legislation in Ghana. Whether it is a Government bill or a private Member’s bill, no bill shall be introduced in Parliament unless it is accompanied by an explanatory memorandum setting out in detail the policy and principles of the bill, the defects of the existing law, the remedies proposed and the necessity for the introduction of the bill.

Legislation passed by the current Parliament, as well as that passed by Parliaments under the prior Constitutions, is labeled as “Acts”. In addition, the bill should be published in the Ghana Gazette at least fourteen days before the date of its introduction.

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