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It’s only during the final “leaning down” for the day of a shirtless shoot that food cravings begin to kick in, he says.Visions of pints of beer and greasy food and candy bars begin to dance in his head. While filming “I don’t mind hardship; I consider myself reasonably tough,” he says. It’s hard.” At one point Twight had to intervene, pulling the star off set and returning him to a heated trailer – he’d noticed that Cavill’s lips were turning blue. Afterward, when he thanked Twight, the trainer pointed out that Cavill had been well on the way to pneumonia of hypothermia. “And that,” says Cavill, “was a mountain climber talking.” There’s never any pure downtime from this physical regimen. But he thinks he’s now mastered the pendulum of mass gain, fat burn, and recovery. Superman, I believe, can be a better story, but it requires 10 times the effort to get it right.Having claimed the mantle of cinema’s ultimate good guy, is Cavill now also angling to take ownership of the most charismatic jerk in cinema?“I thought it was just a really good story, really good fun,” he says.

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“It’s actually acutely uncomfortable being naked in a roomful of people.

In fact, today’s A-list nutrition and exercise regiments have more in common with endurance athletes and professional bodybuilders than with classic thespians.

In terms of fitness, the process is simple: There’s a period of gaining mass, when you consume vast amounts of fats, carbs, and proteins, combined with a heaving lifting regimen; that’s followed by a “cut,” when your calorie intake is drastically lowered and the fat essentially melts away to reveal chiseled muscle.

This month he plays the cynical, debonair thief-turned-spy Napoleon Solo in ) as ascetic Soviet hardman Illya Kuryakin, Cavill’s Napoleon is a scoundrel with style.

Forget truth, justice, and the American way – Solo is out for himself.

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