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Second you have to be going out a lot like I was, and be in an environment where there are a lot of girls who are looking to hook up. I did well in Asia, but I talked to some of the guys that worked for months on booze cruises there and they could easily get over a hundred girls in the year just because of the high turn over rate and the fact they were in a position of authority in a party hostel. Basically it's about going out LOTS and more importantly, targeting either girls who are travelling in your country, or targeting girls in a foreign country where your value is higher (such as being a white guy in the Philippines. )There's a reason why almost every PUA does this. Look at people like pua 'bradicus' or basically 95% of other PUA's.

If you wanna bang 100 girls in a year, go work at a party hostel in a foreign country. Always Foreign girls The other way is to be genetically, aesthetically perfect and using social media/tinder.

I’m 21 years old and I don’t think I’m a bad looking guy, I work out, have good hygiene, dress nice and have some hobbies.

I go out every weekend and have a good group of friends boys and girls.

I have friends who do this and i'm convinced they could get laid like 3 times per DAY if they wanted too!

lol Impressive, but obviously what worked for you can't work for me.

Are there tailored programs for wastemen who can only exist on the fringes of society?

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They have mastered game and it takes time to do that. Start approaching women, tweak your approach, start getting numbers and all that beginner stuff.

Funny how it translates to other life choices, this is how I run my business as well.

It's all personal preference and you need to find your own way.

Personally I prefer the blurry line between social circle and night game in a small city, but I have friends who live and die for one night stands.

In my life, I generally drum up 2-4 girls to keep on rotation at a time then coast off of them for a few months each, but for these friends, they are putting in way more work to sleep with a new girls whenever they go out.

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